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Arriving & Leaving (8/29/2013) - I leave for Nepal on September 14th  It’s been nice being back in Edmonton. As soon as I arrived, I thought of how I love leaving home if even just to enjoy the simple, exquisite pleasure of returning. Truthfully, we never really leave, even if we happen to travel. In my truest moments, I notice that I am never moving, and rather life is moving through me. Like on a road-trip, I don’t move, but the road moves to meet … Continue reading
Fear & Laughter in Oregon (8/12/2013) - <3 Maybe I’ll be able to better explain this someday, but I woke up this morning with a certain terror. The feeling is that either I am about to die for no apparent reason, or that everything I’ve ever believed in is not actually true, and something about that is terrifying. And about an instant after the fear is recognized and, the truth that nothing believed is actually true is realized, the laughter follows. The terror isn’t fully resolved yet, … Continue reading
Openings Of Love (6/25/2013) -   Something inside of me opened up tonight. I might say my heart is totally open, and my mind can see clearly what is. I sit outside in the cool evening air in the hills of Belmont, California, and stare at a single star, and I feel as though I am bathed in love. There is a delightful silence that I savor, and do not want to break. A woman walks by with her adorable little Maltese doggie, and I … Continue reading
Full Moon Lotus (3/6/2013) - I’ve been painting a lot lately; mostly flowers, and especially lilies. You might say I’ve been inspired by God to paint. I painted this lotus flower last night. The image came to me while my friend was rubbing my shoulders. Relaxation is always key for creativity. Full Moon Lotus
Get up! Say Yes! (12/11/2012) - “Sometimes what feels good is good for you, and sometimes what doesn’t feel good is even better.” The plan was to get up at 9am and go for a run in the forest on the mountain. When it was time to get up, for a moment my mind said “I’m tired”. But then I got up anyway, and instantly had more energy. By the time my love and I were suited up and in the car, I was totally ready … Continue reading
Going Out (12/3/2012) - Going for a night on the town with a close friend. I love him so much. Today, is a beautiful day. Let all sadness and pain have its voice.  Let it be heard.  Let it be healed.   Love Milarepa  
Playing with Shimshai (10/24/2012) - Wow! What can I say? This past Sunday, not only did I get to open for one of my favorite musicians, songwriters, and musical influences, Shimshai, but I played more than half of his set with him, singing harmonies and playing guitar. He invited me and my friend Gord Oaks (on percussion) to join him, with little more than a 15 minute run-through of some of his songs before the concert. Talk about trust. However, I’ve basically been preparing to … Continue reading
Falling Away & Into The New (9/13/2012) - It’s fall. I shaved my head a week ago without any particular reason in mind – my room mate has clippers and it seemed fun. Many friends have asked what it represents. As the past few weeks have now unfolded, it seems to represent the falling away of the old, like the yellow, orange & red leaves of Autumn, and space is opening for the New – new music, new performance destinations, new love, new inspiration, a new website, new … Continue reading

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